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Flying tips - Fattie Planes


Fattie Planes Flying Tips:

  • For the first takeoff, it is best to find an open place with a runway to take off. The plane needs to run to a certain speed and slowly pull up for take off, usually about 30~40 meters. Never take off if it is not enough speed, and it is easy to stall.

  • When landing the aircraft, you can gently pull up, and the altitude of the aircraft is controlled by the throttle. When landing, keep the throttle (about 30-50% of the fuel), so that the aircraft will be much more stable.  Sliding leading is not recommended for Fattie planes.

  • Before each flight, be sure to check that the center of gravity of the aircraft is at the "CG" position before flying.

  • Before each flight, remember to carefully check the aircraft settings and whether there is anything loose, and make sure there is no problem before flying.

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