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Fattie Macross

  • Wingspan: 60CM

  • Captain: 62CM

  • Aircraft material: Pearl board (2mm, 3mm)

  • Wheels: yes

  • Night Lights: Yes (Optional)

  • RC Channel: 4CH (Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Front Wheel)

  • Flight weight: the total weight of the empty aircraft is about 500g, and the battery is about 600g

  • Flight time: about 2 to 3 minutes

  • Power lease: A2212 2450kV brushless motor, 6030 propellers

  • Battery: 3S 1500mAh

Product Details

  •  Louver Details

  • 3D Printed Louvers

  •  3D Printed lamp Cover

  •  Lamp Cover Details

  •  Tail Lamp Details

  •  Tail Lamp Details

  •  Front Lamps On

  •  Lamps Powered Up

  •  Tail Lamps On



Plane's Lamp Test flight

Tail Lamps Test

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